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Agios Nikolaos Creta


Located in Almopia municipality, 13 km northwest of Aridea. The thermal waters with a
constant temperature of 37 th C, gush over thousands of years from the mountain, with visitors
coming to receive their beneficial properties (healing – relaxing), but also to enjoy the unique
beauty of mountain scenery and forest with lush vegetation and waterfalls.


Mount Athos monastic community is a special place, dedicated exclusively to prayer and
worship of God, becoming for centuries spiritual beacon for the Orthodox Christian faith.
Isolated, accessible only from the sea, in a natural scenery of incredible beauty, Mount Athos
is the easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki, the peninsula of Mount Athos and covers an area of
approximately 350 square kilometers. Divided into twenty self-governed regions, where each
region consists of a cardinal monastery and monastic settlements around it.
To visit Mount Athos, you need to contact the office of pilgrims of Mount Athos in
Thessaloniki to issue the necessary ′Polgrim passport′. The visit is permitted only for men.
Women (and not only) can make a mini cruise around Mount Athos, along the monasteries of
the west shore of Mount Athos for a pilgrimage at sea.


Aigai, is located in the place of the current Vergina, of the Municipality of Veria. It is the first
city of the Macedonians, the core of the ancient Kingdom and the place where for more than
three centuries reigned the family of Philip II and Alexander the Great. Over the years, Aigai
passed on the sidelines until 1977, when the excavations of Manolis Andronikos brought to
the surface the hidden treasures of the area. The archaeological site with the Royal Tombs
Museum is an impressive underground construction which is externally in the form of an
earth mound and it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site with huge glow.
Here are hosted the most important portable finds from the graves, which are exposed next to
the graves that contained them. Among them the golden shrine of Philip II, personal
belongings of the King of the Macedonians and golden oak and myrtle wreaths worn by the
dead. The unique murals such as that of vivid representation of the abduction of Persephone,
reveal the achievements in painting and art in the years of the glorious Macedonian Kingdom.


Having the most spectacular waterfall of Greece falling from a height of 70 m., the Karano,
(named after the first king of Macedonia), Edessa is rightly called the ′city of water′! The
Geopark Waterfalls is extended to an area of over 100.000 sq m. and it offers cultural sites,
nature and recreation for everyone. Every evening Edessa Waterfalls are lighted offering
stunning images.


The residence of the twelve gods of antiquity is the highest mountain in Greece and its top,
called Mytikas, reaches 2.918 meters. Routes, special hospitable shelters, paths crossing the
mountain and a landscape of unbelievable beauty with rare flora and fauna await the visitor.
Starting base for the easiest routes is the picturesque Litohoro of Pieria and first stop after
course (also accessible by car) the Prionia position where you will enjoy magnificent views.