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Fish is the treasure for New Michaniona, a small town about 32 km away from Thessaloniki
and home to one of the largest fishing fleets of Greece. The fish auction is the centre of the
fishing trade, providing fish and seafood to the whole of Macedonia. The auction of course is
not open to the public but you can reward yourself with a coffee at the picturesque port, eat
fresh fish or taste traditional doughnuts, enjoying the wonderful view of Olympus Mountain.


Full of life throughout the day, Athonos Square in the centre of the city is a place loved by
both Thessalonians and tourists alike. Food and nutrition plays the leading part here. You will
find spices, all types of tea, nuts, vegetables and fruits, fish, delicatessen products, as well as
small boutiques with clothes, handmade accessories, and decoration items. Moreover, your
attention will be instantly drawn to the smells of the delicious foods of the Square’s
traditional taverns. You can enjoy them both an lunchtime and evening, accompanied
occasionally by live greek music. Additionally, in case you want to get acquainted with the
traditional side of Athonos Square, visit the picturesque small shops selling handmade
wickerwork and small wooden furniture, made by the last remaining skilled craftsmen.


The largest enclosed market of the city, part of this gastronomic tradition, tied to
Thessaloniki’s everyday life, was built by the architect Eli Modiano in 1922. It is organized
into arcades surrounded by lofts, in accordance with European standards of the time. In
Modiano Market you will come across Thessalonians shop meat, fish, cheese, delicatessen
products, vegetables, spices and freshly blended coffee, as well as, relax at the traditional
taverns. Next to Modiano Market, Louloudadika Market is located, the multi-color outdoor
flower market with the Yiahudi (Bazaar) Hamam of 16 th century which currently hosts
cultural events.


One of the most traditional markets of Thessaloniki, Kapani, serves consumers’ needs ever
since Ottoman occupation. It’s an essential visiting spot for those interested in the city’s
gastronomic history and evolution because through its hospitable alleys, with the two-storey
buildings and the little shops, time seems to have stood still. The great variety of products,
such as meat, fish, spices, travel equipment, kitchen utensils, clothing, shoes, ecclesiastical
and touristic items etc, as well as low prices and location in the city’s centre, make Kapani a
very popular destination all day long. The best chance to blend in with the locals and feel
Thessaloniki’s beat.