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A journey into culture

Thessaloniki is considered the cultural hub of Greece. There are many monuments and sights of interest, which reflect the town’s long history and cultural heritage.

Some of the most representative sights and points of interest of Thessaloniki are:

Thessaloniki Culture

White Tower: The city’s landmark dominates in the waterfront. It was part of the city’s walls and was built in the 15th century by the Ottomans. Today it houses an exhibition that presents aspects of Thessaloniki’s history from the city’s foundation in 316/15 B.C. and up to this day.

The 15 Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO: Namely these are The City Walls (4th/5th centuries), The Rotonda of Saint George (4th century), The Church of the Acheiropoietos (5th century).

Latomou Monastery (6th century), The Church of Saint Demetrios (7th century), The Church of Hagia Sophia (8th century), The Church of Panagia Chalkeon (11th century), The Church of Saint Catherine (13th century), The Church of Saint Panteleimon (14th century), The Church of the Holy Apostles (14th century), The Church of Saint Nicholas Orphanos (14th century), The Church of the Saviour (14th century), Vlatades Monastery (14th century), The Church of Prophet Elijah (14th century), Byzantine Baths (14th century).

The Arch of Galerius or Kamara

The most distinctive Roman structure of Thessaloniki was build in the 4th century. To commemorate the victory of the Roman Emperor Galerius against the Persians.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall: It is located in the waterfront and hosts various events, such as theater, concerts, cultural and art exhibitions etc.

Nea Paralia (waterfront): One of the favorite destinations for Thessalonians and tourists. The city’s waterfront is 3.5 klm long. Has 12 thematic parks and the magnificent statue of Alexander the Great riding his horse Voukefalas.

Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum (NOESIS): A Planetarium, a Cosmotheater, a motion Simulator are some of the facilities. The center also hosts the Museum of Technology and various permanent and periodical exhibitions.