The Feel-Like-Home Choice of City Hotels in Thessaloniki

Welcome to the Capsis Bristol Boutique Hotel in Thessaloniki - your home away from home in one of Greece’s most historical and exciting cities, just steps from the fascinating seafront, the vibrant Ladadika district, the popular Aristotelous Square, the emblematic White Tower, and the thriving shopping streets of Egnatia and Tsimisk streets.

At Thessaloniki’s most vivid crossroads in the traditional district of Ladadika, The Capsis Bristol Boutique Hotel harmonically combines history, tradition, and the city’s contemporary development. Built in 1860, it is the only Historic Hotel of Thessaloniki and an honorable member of the Historic Hotels of Europe

Petite, elegant, warm and hospitable, The Capsis Bristol Boutique Hotel in Thessaloniki revives the historical building of the Ottoman Post office at the corner of Katouni and Oplopoiou Street. The building underwent a complete restoration in 2000, leaving the touch of collector’s authentic decorative style. It was fully renovated in 2018 in a manner that harmonically binds its unique historical character with luxury in its 20 spacious superior rooms and suites.

The hotel is carefully designed to enable access and transportation of the physically challenged throughout all its main facilities.

The origin of Bristol Hotels around the world

It is said that there are approximately 200 hotels named Bristol world-wide. But what’s the story behind this famous name? There are many tales regarding the origin of the name Bristol. The most dominant version claims that Frederick Augustus Hervey is credited for the name.

The 8th Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry (1730-1803), toured continental Europe with his own cook and entourage. Word of the earl's lavish tastes spread, so one theory for the popularity of "Bristol" hotels is that the earl's name became synonymous with the finest accommodation and luxury living throughout Europe

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