Our History

It all began in the early 1930s in Egypt, where the Capsis family founded its first Hotel, the Capsis House Egypt. Thirty years later,, Thanos and Marika Capsis, came to Greece and created one of the top hotel chains, the Capsis Hotels Chain. It begun in Heraklion, Crete with the Capsis Astoria Heraklion at Eleftherias Square in 1966 and then with the Capsis Hotel in Thessaloniki in Monastiriou Street in 1970.

Along with the “Capsis Beach Hotel and Bungalows” in Agia Pelagia Crete, the "Metropolitan Capsis Hotel and Apartments" in Rhodes Island and the “Esperia Capsis Hotel” in Athens, Thanos and Marika contributed greatly to the history of Greek tourism and Greek hospitality. Their contribution has been widely acknowledged since Capsis Hotels hosted various and important social and political events and meetings and welcomed many powerful state leaders of that time and world known personas.


Capsis Hotels hosted various and important social and political events and meetings and welcomed many powerful state leaders and world knows personas.

In 1986 Marika Capsis passed away leaving behind a huge legacy to her daughters Lena and Dia Capsis.The company was then divided leaving Dia with the operation of the hotels in Agia Pelagia and Rhodes Island and Lena with the two city properties Capsis Astoria in Heraklion and Capsis Hotel in Thessaloniki. Lena Capsis, as president of the Capsis Hotels - Thessaloniki & Heraklion continued working with innovative spirit and optimistic vision, and through her hard effort managed to leave her own mark in the history of the modern Greek tourism industry and the Greek hospitality. Capsis Astoria in Heraklion provides up to this day luxury accommodation in the heart of the city and is a well-known landmark of the capital of Crete.  Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki, 50% of which was owned until the early 1990s by the Varda family, was entirely bought by Lena Capsis and after undergoing a complete renovation was upgraded from a 3 to a 4 star hotel. It remains still the largest city hotel in northern Greece and has one of the largest convention centers.

In the late 1990s, Lena Capsis founded the first Boutique Hotel in Thessaloniki.

In the late 1990s, Lena Capsis founded the Bristol Hotel in the Ladadika district of  Thessaloniki, the first Boutique Hotel in the city. The hotel is run today by Irini Manousou, daughter of Lena Capsis, and the Bristol Hotel remains one of the most luxurious and cozy hotels in Thessaloniki.

Capsis Hotels have also been known for the famous clubs that operated and still operate within the hotels the hotels. The older remember the historic Discotheques “Piper”, which operated in both hotels during the past. Today the two Pool Bars, which operate during the summer season within the hotels, The RoofTop Piscina in Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki and The RoofTop Astoria in Capsis Astoria Heraklion are very popular areas for entertainment, relaxation and leisure.

The management of the Capsis Hotel Chain has passed in the recent years to the third generation, which continues focusing on preserving and developing the vision, philosophy and values of the Capsis family.

The 21st century finds Capsis Hotels on a new path. They are evolving into Art and Cultural Hotels. Art and Culture has always been present in the decor of the hotels, since items of Lena Capsis’ personal collection can be seen throughout the hotels. The new generation of the Capsis family is now transforming areas of both hotels into “alternative galleries” of art. Our facilities are decorated with amazing artworks, while major events of art and culture take place within our hotels, bringing artists and art lovers from all around the world together.


Welcome to a new era of hospitality at Capsis Hotels - Thessaloniki & Heraklion.



Monastiriou 18, 54629 Thessaloniki
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Plateia Eleutherias 11, 71201 Heraklion Crete
E-mail: info@astoriacapsis.gr
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